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New and fashionable ellement of decorum.

One of the best ways of decorating stained glass products today are facet elements. Facet glass elements (facet or bevels, polished glass) are made of glass, typically 5-6 mm thick by cutting it at an angle. When light falls upon these elements refraction occurs, accordingly products shine impressively and colours play. Facet elements can be of various geometric shapes (squares, diamonds, rectangles, ovals, circles, stars, angular sets) as well as finished scene compositions and ornamental kits.

Due to the wide range of design possibilities, facets are used for design and interior decoration of windows, doors, kitchen and furniture, chandeliers, panels and more. If you have any questions or want to order stained glass windows please call +38 (067) 344 42 34, +38 (050) 378 01 49