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Nature scenery in Chinesse stained glass: harmony of asian and european styles


The word “stained glass” comes from the French vitrage, vitrum (glass, window, window pane). We know that for the first time ever stained glass appeared in the windows of the 11th century cathedral in city Augsburg located in Germany. Some of it has survived till our time. An old stained glass can be seen as well in the French town of Chartres and English Cathedrals of Canterbury and York. The art of stained glass indeed flourished in 13th-14th century. But with the increasing influence of the Protestant Church stained glass windows were being ruthlessly destroyed, as some Protestants did not appreciate stained glass, considering it too fancy. Not only stained glass in churches was destroyed, but whole glass workshops, and even factories were demolished. Thus many glass making techniques were simply forgotten for a long time.